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.4%. numbers suggest the steep decline in the economy might be easing. so, betsy stark joins us again tonight. >> reporter: the economy has lost jobs for 19 straight months. under normal circumstances, today's numbers would be apalg. given where they we have been, they are another sign the worst is behind us and the seeds of a recover are being to take hold. at the white house today, the president took some credit for today's jobs numbers saying the stimulus plan had rescued the economy from castro fee. >> today, we're pointed in the right direction. >> in the first three days on of this year, panicked employees were slashing jobs at an average pace of nearly 700,000. that has eased to about 30,000 a month. >> that period of freefall is over. >> if everything sticks to script, 6 to 12 months we'll feel better. >> reporter: 34-year-old who lost his job as a bank sales manager a year ago is already feeling better. so, when do you start this job? >> monday. >> reporter: monday? >> yes. >> reporter: he just got a new job in banking. though it comes with a $50,000 pay cut. >> it's almost a salary
's a civil war. and the other people are using bullets and bombs. i think owe israeli is a fascist and he would fit right in nazi germany as far as i'm concerned." all that and more right now on "countdown." >>> good evening from new york. a smear campaign that has nothing to do with new york. take party protestors coordinated by the health care industry now revealing that the fear being stoked seems to have far more to do with anger over who won the last presidential election than it does who does or does not have health care insurance. . obama meeting with six senators about the health care bill that appears to be stuck in their limited negotiations. democrat max baucus talking about a democrats-only bill if republicans won't come aboard. "if republicans aren't there, it could get to a point where democrats may have to go in a different direction. i hope not, but we have to face facts." i know. after he said that, some of us were making sure he had i.d. that he was max baucus. now more about the man senator baucus met today, the president than the health care reform the president is try
journalist euna lee. lisa will give us some insight into her sister's five-month long ordeal and tell us how she's doing now. >>> first, experts say it may take three shots to get vaccinated for the flu this year. as millions of children head back to school the next couple of weeks, concerns over the h1n1 virus are ramping up. our dr. jennifer ashton here with more. >> good morning, harry. >>> today health officials will lay out major guidelines for schools on how to manage and prevent any flu outbreaks. >> the h1n1 virus has been smoldering this summer among children largely in summer camps. so it's ready to we're afraid explode once schools reconvene. >> reporter: in the summer hemisphere where it's winter h1n1 has become the dominant strain of the flu infecting thousands. the death toll over 500. a grim warning for the u.s. the centers for disease control present one model predicting 40% of the country, or 140 million americans, could be infected. experts say a nationwide vaccination program is crucial, but currently there's no approved vaccine available in the
and deirdre. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us, an we hope you have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow night in san diego. captioned by the national captioning institute greta: tonight, run! everyone, quick, run! it's recess. yes, it's reserks and with it comes a lot of schoolyard name-calling. try this one -- angry mobs. that's what some democrats are calling citizens who just want to know what is going on. now, if you thought the health care battle was on fire before, you haven't seen anything yet. we have more video of people barbecuing their congressmen over health care reform. dick morris going "on the record" next about the health care war. plus, we actually caught one. we caught a real life member of what the d.n.c. calls the angry mob. she's in the studio right now. hopefully she'll stay in control before she goes on. she's scaring the democrats. why is some of your stimulus money being spent overseas? how is that going to help our economy? we have a report. then, you won't believe this could happen anyplace
course, is what's going to happen in the u.s. with that jobs report. so a little caution going on and profit going on ahead of that report. the nikkei 225 ended up 0.2%. the kospi up 0.7 ers. but take a look at the shanghai composite and hang seng. these are getting hit big time. there was talk about tightening monetary policy, government researchers saying china will not tighten policy before developed nations do so because it first needs a recovery in ex ports. still, a lot of investors are worried that's going to happen. in terms of oil, this is how it looks for nymex and brent. nymex light sweet crude is looking 67 cents lower, $71.29 a barrel and brent is trading lower, as well, $74.23 a barrel. looks like it's all about jobs here in asia. looking ahead to what you guys are going to give us, bertha. >> very big numbers, christine. very big expectations. the estimates range from about 320,000 jobs to goldman sachs which now says it thinks maybe we only lost 250,000 jobs, only. that's nothing to sneer at, however, that would be a significant drop-off in the rate of declines.
, or more months at a time. economists worry that the shock of the financial crisis may have driven u.s. into a period of permanently high unemployment. monticello, arizona, kathy. caller: good morning. i am calling in on the unemployment figures and i understand that the congress is looking at another extension for people. i have been underemployed and unemployed for the three years since october 1. i was a victim of downsizing in our state where the governor signed a billion-dollar contract with ibm to downsize local social service agencies. part of my concern is that the unemployment numbers that you get, people do not understand that that is based on the people drawing benefits. whereas people who no longer have an unemployment benefits, those people are not even popping up in the numbers. host: we appreciate all your calls this morning. we will be back at 7:00 eastern time tomorrow morning. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] . >> he has been in the iraqi parliament since 2005. he is the first deputy speak
it tell us about the killer? >>> the new swine flu rules. the government releases new guidelines, suggesting three shots this year. but is it safe? >>> a sister's celebration. lisa ling tells us how her sister is coping after months in captivity. and what really happened in north korea. >>> and a triple-play in the park. three of the biggest stars from "american idol" perform live in three of the biggest stars from "american idol" perform live in our summer concert series. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, everyone. alongside chris cuomo, i'm robin roberts. diane is off, on this friday, august 7th. and we continue to learn more about the man who opened fire on an aerobics class earlier this week. >> we have a team of reporters looking into this. insight into him will help going forward. and this is a relationship class. a tough-love tutorial, with him participating. >> this, as the victims' families prepare to say good-bye. the funerals tomorrow for three women killed. >> john berman has been in bridgeville, pennsylvania, since the beginning. he's looking at wh
economists, does it pick up speed and momentum? but these guys have been telling us, well, for the number really to go down, we actually have to see job creation and we still haven't had a month of job creation. >> speaking of job creation, that cash for clunkers program that an initial billion dollars pa put into, now another $2 billion could lead to some 400,000 additional cars, which some car manufacturers may lead to some hiring because their inventories are light. is the white house talking about that expectation that the $2 billion could begin to stimulate hiring which may have a ripple impact, at least in the hard-hit areas of michigan and tennessee and some of the other car manufacturing hubs? >> i do think that they like the fact that you're seeing the states that are taking the most advantage of this cash for clunkers are some of these states and some of these harder hit manufacturing places like ohio, like indiana. so that is something that they are happy about. but, you know, you take to some analysts here and august is sometimes is a big car buying month anyway, i believe. i'
. and thanks for being with us. u.s. efforts to get rid of the taliban and al qaeda may have gotten a major boost. that's because it appears that the top terrorist leader in pakistan has been killed in a cia drone attack. >> pakistani intelligence officials say that batula massoud is dead. and there's reports that his funeral has already been held. we get details from nick schifrin in islamabad. >> reporter: massoud is pakistan's eni number one. responsible for some of the worst terrorist attacks in the country's history. pakistani officials say he's killed more than 1,200 people in the last 2 years, including benazir bhutto. he's at the center of a nexus of terrorists that have threatened pakistan's future. this year, the u.s. has increased its targeting of massoud, using unmanned, cia drones. of the last ten attacks in the pakistani tribal areas, nine have targeted massoud and his network. in pakistan, the attacks are controversial. but the u.s. believes they are the only way to target the taliban and al qaeda, in the rugged terrain along the afghan border. >> over the past six months, we
. apparently killed by a u.s. missile strike. will it bring an end to his campaign of violence? >>> we mark the anniversary of the brief but brutal war between russia and georgia bruleft hundreds dead. tonight we look at the legacy of anger that remains. >>> how they see it. tonight, we get the british take on an american investment bank, goldman sachs. its huge profits and big bonuses in spite of a sputtering economy have some wondering about government connections. >>> and hell on earth. tonight, we take you to a sulfur mine in java where the workers get a good wage, but may be paying with their health. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here is what's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." made possible, in part, by the following funders -- >>> good evening, i'm martin savidge. >>> for months, he was the top target of the cia and pakistan's military, baitullah mehsud, the head of the taliban in pakistan. a notorious militant commander who controlled a wide area of pakistan's northwest. a man whose organization killed hundreds of security forces and civil
garrett is working the story. major garrett is going to get to us with more information about the early oil retirement of mel martinez in just a moment. jane: job numbers are out, and for the first time in 15 months, the rate is down for unemployment. the dow is up. >> it is a big surprise when it comes to the report we were waiting for this week. 9.4% was not what investors were expecting. they were expecting an upward rise. also, 247,000 job losses, a bright spot, because the expectation was for much more than that. that is the upside surprise from wall street. we're seeing enthusiastic numbers. how did the numbers work out? this is what happened. this is a americans who are able to work and are looking for a job. this does not include those who do not have any more benefits to collect and are not looking for a job. they're not considered part of the labor force. they are discouraged, disenfranchised, and there is still a segment that is like that, and they are not added into the numbers. also, job growth continues to gain health care. health care job growth is not as robust as we hav
care about the l is. >> congressmen's job is to protect us. your main job is not to get injured. i'm sorry for what america has turned into what it's turned into. >> we don't support single -family -- >> that's what obama wants. >> no, it's not what obama wants. >> don't you watch tv? greta: and just coming into fox tonight, brand-new video of a forum on health care getting very fiery in florida. congresswoman katie kester was at the event and got an earful from voters. >> if you'll all listen for five minutes, ok? [yelling] [whistling, applause, booing] >> wrong! wrong answer! greta: president obama's press secretary insists protesters like those are not a grass-roots movement, just astrotough. is the white house trying to stifle freedom of speech, those who just don't agree with them? in a blog at white, the white house gives an email address where people can report to the white house fishy speech, that is speech that questions the president's health care plan. our own major garrett asked press eaktary robert gibbs what does that mean. >> i was pretty clear that we're n
for his guidance and friendship and is useful insights throughout time i have been in the senate. i also want to thank my family. they've made many sacrifices during this time, and i look forward to the opportunity for us to not only reminisce and share wonderful memories we have developed together but also the opportunity to move on in our lives and have closer opportunity for family time. i look forward to continuing to be an active voice on issues of vital to florida and the u.s., and look forward to being an active part of a resurgent republican party. i think you very much and i will take a couple of questions. >> [inaudible] >> absolutely not. this is a free country, and i am doing this of my own free will. for the reasons i have just stated -- i cannot say it any better. it is only my desire to get on with the rest of my life. that is the governor's decision, i respect that, and trusted to do a good job on that. i called the governor to let him know when i was doing. we have called about this potential, and i think he is prepared. it is in his hands. i will leave all the questions
about when u.s. troops will leave afghanistan. the man said to become the senior advisor predicts the u.s. will be fighting in the country for two more years. at that point he says troops will either turn power over to an improved afghan force or, quote, lose and go home. meantime, a report on the war is due out in eye few weeks which may -- a few weeks which may lead to a request for additional u.s. forces. an accused killer in his own words. we warn you. this video is disturbing. the lone gunman who murdered three women in a pennsylvania gym recorded this video. in the video which was posted last year on youtube, he ranted about. >> my objective is to be able to emotionally connect with people. because when i'm 10 to 20 years older than she is, she has to feel good about this thing. gretchen: three women were killed, nine wounded when he opened fire on an aerobics class. we're also learning that he bought guns from the same online dealer who sold weapons -- uh-oh -- to the virginia tech shooter. new information on the two american journalists just released from north korea. lisa ling sa
for an incredible skydiving jump from one of our nation's heroes. he is a retired sergeant first class with the u.s. army. he is also a double amputee. he was awarded a purple heart. he lost his legs when he was a member of the army's elite parachuting team. the most important part of this story is that none of that has stopped this veteran. he is taking to the skies once again. he is parachuting for a very good cause. molly henneberg joins us with more on this amazing story. the skies are so blue above you, molly. we cannot wait to see this event. >> i know. we are trying to find him in the sky. i can see him coming down right now. this is such a great event. a former army sergeant first class who lost his legs in a mid-air collision when he was parachuting now has to prosthetic legs and is parachuting to encourage wounded warriors. let me bring and this man from the spirit of liberty foundation. >> we believe that no one can say thank you enough. it is incredible. american used to say thank-you to all of these men and women who volunteer. >> really quickly, let me introduce you to the commander o
, this is a tremendously important issue. all of us want to have town haul halls. >> are you worried about the fact that the unions are now saying if they are going to go out there and protest, we are going to protest on the other side for the health care reform? you get two angry groups like that, something could happen. >> this is the problem. the people who are reaping this kind of whirlwind are about to sew it. we do not want to see this kind of mob action that we have seen thus far on either side. i think it is time for cooler heads to say, let's settle down and have respectful differences of opinion. >> it would be nice to hear a lot of different representatives an senators as welcome out and say words similar to the ones you just uttered. my thanks to you, congressman, for taking time to take us through your plans. >> thank you. >>> now, there is the issue of the nazi ss logos and stickers. they are as hateful a symbol as their ease in american discourse. speaker, nancy pelosi told reporters about these swatiksa and their staff gave me an earful for not confirming what she had said. here is
found the numbers encouraging. >> we received additional signs that the worst may be behind us. though we lost 247,000 jobs in july, that was nearly 200,000 fewer jobs lost than in june and far fewer than the nearly 700,000 jobs a month that we were losie ining at the beginni the year. today, we're pointed in the right direction. we're losing jobs at less than half the rate we were when i took office. >> and more fuel for the economy. president obama signed legislation today extending the extremely popular cash for clunkers program. the senate gave final approval last night for an additional $2 billion to provide rebates of up to $4500 for new, fuel-efficient vehicles. >>> mark sanford's wife says she's moving out out of the governor's mansion. >> in a statement she just released, she says quote, i am so thankful for the prayers we have received. it is with this support and after much careful and prayerful consideration, that i've decided to move back to charleston with our sons for the school year. from there, we will continue to process of healing our family. the governor just releas
which claimed over 50 lives. his home has been a sanctuary for al-qaeda, a problem for britain and the u.s.. he has focused on targets here at home, bombing of pakistan because it backs the west. security in islamabad is being stepped up for fierce his followers could try to take revenge. -- for fears his followers could try to take revenge. he declared war on his own country and people. they told us they do not believe he is dead. they have heard that before. others say they have a sense of relief, not just for pakistan, but for the world. >> we do not need these people in power. we are not believing in what he is doing. he is absolutely bad for us and our nation. >> another said that america was bad, too, for killing innocent civilians with drones. it was a drone which targeted baitullah mehsud, able to reach him in a remote terrain where troops could not. the mission was directed from thousands of miles away. the white house is suggesting it was a job well done. >> if the reports of baitullah mehsud's death are correct, there is no doubt the pakistani people are safer as a result of it.
situation? nbc's mike viqueira joins us now from the white house with all the answers, as always. so, mike, we'll start with that. how much longer can he go back and be referring to president bush? >> you know, it's interesting with all the good -- i guess good economic news, we can go ahead and call it now that we had last friday with the gdp report as the president himself mentioned today in the rose garden, today's unexpected news that the unemployment rate dropped 0.1%, i think the white house is eager to get out there and point out these things are happening and they're not bashful about the fact that while the claim that the stimulus package, which has caused them so much political heartache now, the numbers of the polls going down in terms of the american's approval of the president's handling of the economy and the deficit, republicans getting traction and criticizing him about the stimulus program and a perceived lack of effectiveness, white house not shy about saying the stimulus is in fact in large of a lot of this. robert gibbs summed it up. i think the president has had a pret
economic advisor here, she said all of this is going to take time. she uses this description, talking about a lanche ship or a supertanker. you can turn the steering wheel, but it will take time for that ship to turn around. she said that the recovery is similar and everyone has to be patient. >> what's important is not where the president is in the first 100 or the second 100 days. they're going to take the view that in the economy, we inherted an awful mess. they're wapting ingwaiting to final grade is, understanding we have a lot of work to do. they didn't expect we would turn everything around, wave our magic wand, and fix every problem in 200 days. >> when the conversation comes up about these unemployment numbers, the white house again will always say that the president is never satisfied and will not be satisfied untilever american out there out of work and looking for a job can get a job, kiran. >> congress on recess today. we know lawmakers are going back home. they're trying to shore up support for health care reform. this is one town hall meeting. this is kathy caster. take a lo
% unemployment. however, the u.s. is getting out of the recession better than europe and japan. megyn: thank you. bill: is the recession on the way out? we have a senior economist from the "wall street journal." how do we read between the lines? >> i agree it is much better than we thought. some people still believe unemployment will go up to 10%. i am sure in the white house today they were very nervous about this. bill: you wonder if they had any indication yesterday or last night that the numbers would be better. however, we also heard from the economic team. christina romer will be our guest in the next hour. she said the stimulus program had likely lifted economic activity by two percentage points in the last quarter. >> i do not see any evidence of that. i think you would have to declare the economic stimulus a failure so far. there are 2 million more unemployed people today than when we started the program. do not forget, they told us that if we passed stimulus plan, we would have unemployment less than 8%. when you have 250,000 additional job losses, that is still kind of lousy, especial
. cnbcs erin burnett at the new york stock exchange to start us off. good evening. >>> good evening, brian. this jobs' number was really a test for both wall street and for main street. consumer confidence has been ticking up a little bit as of late. and stocks are up 50% from their lows in march. but all of that was based on hope that the recession is actually ending. >> reporter: with more than 14.5 million americans out of work, president obama is not ready to declare victory just yet. >> we have a lot further to go. as far as i'm concerned we will not have a true recovery as long as we are losing jobs. >> reporter: today's jobs report showed that at least the country is losing jobs more slowly. the average monthly job loss for three months was 331,000, roughly half the drop recorded in the previous six months. while manufacturers continue to struggle, laying off 52,000 workers in july, that's the smallest decline in a year. automobile manufacturing actually added 28,000 jobs as car makers reopened plants. another bright spot, health care. up 17,000. still, the drop in the unemployment
me home five co-workers are working from the road using a mifi, a mobile hotspot that provides up to five shared wifi connections. two are downloading the final final revised final presentation. - one just got an e-mail. - what?! - huh? - it's being revised again. the co-pilot is on mapquest. - ( rock music playing ) - and tom is streaming meeting psych-up music from that's happening now with the new mifi from sprint, the mobile hotspot that fits in your pocket. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard of hearing and people with speech disabilities access shepard: breaking tonight, another serious illness or the kennedy family. a spokesman now says eunice kennedy shriver is in the hospital in critical condition. no further information. her entire family as by her side. rome surviving brother is ted kennedy. he is going through treatment for brain cancer. shriver is the sister of the late president john f. kennedy and the late senator robert kennedy. she is best known for co-founded the special olympics and spending decades helping mentally challeng
builds in today. it brings us a pretty day. that will be the way for the remained main defer the day. wait 'til tomorrow. big changes on the way. the heat and humidity starts to clievment chance of thunderstorms comes your way and what you see now will be a different picture as thunderstorms move into the forecast then and temperatures by sunday and into monday climbing well into the mid 90's. more on that coming up in a few minutes. right now candice haze look at what's happening on the roadways with traffic edge. >> thank you steve. good morning. as you're traveling out on the main line, so far we're in the green and loving that for friday morning. starting on south 95 from mountain road heading to 69 5 , right now a ten minute commute. and good news on # five through the city. we just cleared out an accident on the southbound laindz lanes on o could be nel street. right noi now a five minute commute and approaching the downtown region on the southbound side of the jxf on 69 5 , so far a 15 minute right ride there. keep in mind though we still have dealing with the broken water mai
the u.s. is it has had very strong ties to each of the political parties. it has, you will find the leaders of all the parties have visited iran. some of them have houses in tehran. there is a lot of links with the kurds, with obviously with the shiites, the iranians, most of them shiites and with the sunnis. so iran is a constant factor and in communication and very much on top of what is going on in iraq. will they influence it disproportionately is what we can't quite tell yet. >> inraq after many long years of casualties and difficulties, there has been some success. and i think it's the goal now ought to be to consolidate that succeed ses and also to use what leverage we have to try toto influence political developments in the right way and that involves arab issue but also involves weighing in if we think there are abuses on the part of the iraqi government and there is some concern that it might be moving in a little bit of a authoritarian direction. >> i think the role we play is a role continuing to encourage iraqis not to use violence, using that term with a lot of lat
series. he's going to show us ho you to cook an egg. >> john almond's back there. we'll talk about tweeting and facebook. then we'll talk about john telling us about the outdoor amphitheater that you can set up this weekend. >> i was traying to find speakers all summer. now i knowy can't find them. he's got them. >> and omarosa, remember her from "the apprentice?" she's going to talk about a power summit. it will be good news. she will give us good lessons here today. >> action packed hour. >> let's get it going. >>> it's been a fantastic week in ocean city except for rain yesterday. they've added huge results from the great weather this morning they were down into the 60s, which is rather unusual at least during the mid-august. 70 degrees right now up the coast of rehoboth. we'll have the beach outlook coming your way in just a few minutes. great weekend to escape and tray to break some of that heat at the beach. 72 right now, a gorgeous start in downtown baltimore. a great day here. our two degree guarantee gets us up to 85 degrees. a fantastic day and a steam bath coming our wa
listened very early on in the transition that the way to have influence and to be useful is to have a good analysis. many members of my staff wanted to come with me today. i have the world's best staff. we have a great group of talented economists. i've been very pleased to the degree people will say tell us what is true. not making us some numbers that will support our opinions. that is a really positive side about the polls process. >> can you give us any insights about what the daily presidential briefings are like on economic policy and what is the president's understanding of economics for somebody who isn't trained in that area. >> the scary thing is to be in one of these briefings and someone ask body is a question and the president answers it. he absolutely knows a lot of economics. the briefings are, you know, one of the things that has been hard to get used to, there is often a scheduled topic. people will take turns. today we'll brief the president on what we can expect about inflation or deflation and what we can expect about the jobs numbers. one of the things you learn is you
the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if he had been texting or using his cell phone. but they found no evidence of any of those things. they also added it is possible the sun played a role but they have no concrete evidence to believe that was a factor either. >> there's no conclusions as to. that the operator says he didn't see them. we don't have any evidence that suggests otherwise. >>reporter: with the attorney representing both families just a while ago he says while the families are satisfied with the investigation, they are not happy with the mta and coming up later tonight we tell uc they are already talking about filing a lawsuit. leave in lutherville, fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> 2 overnight shootings leave 5 people injured tonight. the first occurred in the 200 block of dallas court before 11:30 last night. police arrived on the scene to find 2 men shot one in the face. the other in the foot. both are expected to be okay. >>> 3 people were shot about an hour later in the 3700 block of glen moore avenue in northeast baltimore. police say one victim shot in the back. o
are looking for this man responsible for a roar -- rash of break ins in the belten area. police gave us these security cameras. if you recognize the suspect, police want to hear from you on their tip line, 703-228-4242. >>> the murder conviction of the mastermind behind the dc sniper attacks has been upheld. the federal appeals court rejected an appeal by john allen muhammad. mohammad was sentenced to death in 2003. today's ruling could clear the way for his execution. he and his accomplice killed ten people in the fall of 2002. malvo who was 16 at the time received a life sentence. >>> there's word tonight that eunice kennedy liver is in the hospital in critical condition. the 88-year-old sister of john f. kennedy is in a cape cod hospital. she is well-known for founding the special olympics. >>> an alarming fire that destroyed a mansion in chain bridge dc. we learned today that washington city government and the fire department don't know for sure what areas of the district maybe susceptible to the same kinds of water pressure problems that crippled firefighters last week. gary has th
's probably about where we are at this point. at least we're not going deeper. >> tell us how you think the federal reserve is going to process this information today of somewhat better than expected results and the improvement in the jobs number. >> i think the real issue there is what does that do to the forecast? we know that the forecast was looking for a recovery, or at least beginning to be a pickup in the second half of the year. when you see the jobs numbers flowing like that, i think that confirms their outlook. they'll feel a lot better about it. >> i know you were with the fed. what do you think right now of the fed's ability to get out of this in time? do you think inflation from the current stimulus is a foregone conclusion? no way the fed can pivot at the right time? >> i think they have a real challenge on their hands. there's no question about it. you're going to have a slowing housing market. you're still going to have high unemployment. probably not a lot of signs of inflation. and that's going to be a tough sell to try to raise interest rates. everybody politically is
's campaign to make pakistan ungovernable. sources have said that he is killed and buried, killed in a u.s. air strike on wednesday. this is from our correspondent in as, bob -- islamabad. >> baitullah mehsud is rarely seen in public. the white house has called him "a murderous thug." >> we have clear information that so far we do not have any evidence to confirm that he is dead. there were several killed during these attacks. these are indications. >> he is accused of masterminding the assassination of former prime minister benazir bhutto, as well as dozens of other attacks. he has been linked to the bombing of the marriott hotel in islamabad which claimed more than 60 lives, and his stronghold has been a sanctuary for al-qaeda, a major concern for britain and the u.s.. but he is focused on targets here at home -- bombing pakistan because it backs the west. he declared war on his own country and people. some here have told us they do not believe he is dead. they have heard that before. others have said they feel a sense of relief and that this is good news, not just for pakistan, but also
to be an election. we'll be back with another national report card then. thanks very much for joining us. we'll have more tomorrow on "american morning" and "the situation room." let's go to a special "360" right now. erica hill filling in. erica? >>> breaking news on two fronts, including the apparent killing of one of america's top enemies in afghanistan and pakistan. first, it is a "360" exclusive. in her first interview since her sister's return, lisa ling tonight joining us on "360" to talk about what's happened since her sister laura and her colleague, euna lee, came home from north korea. how they're re-adjusting and how euna's 4-year-old daughter hana is doing now that mommy is finally home. former president bill children securing their release. he spoke publicly about that trip for the first time today. but frankly, said very little. >> i wanted those young women to be able to come home. and i wanted our two countries to have the ability to decide where to go from here. it would be wrong for me to say any more. the young women can speak for themselves about their experiences. the pictures w
and now authorities say they know why. megan mcgrath joins us live where a news conference just wrapped up. >> reporter: firefighters say that 80% of the first floor was fully engulfed by flames when they aived on the scene. this was a very, very large house. so this was a huge job from the get go. then fire crews arrived and tried to hook up to the hydrants. they could not get water on to the fire. and as they struggled, the home continued to burn. so what happened? the city released a preliminary report. we some have some answers. a 75-year-old corroded water pipe, that's what was servicing the fire hydrants in the neighborhood and that pipe and the inability to get enough water is one of the major factors that thwarted efforts to put out a massive fire. >> not only has it been here probably since the homes were of a much different size, but it is also probably of significant corrosion to have a tremendous impact on the amount of gallons that can be pumped through the pipes. >> reporter: according to a preliminary report released by the city, the two hydrants closest to the home pumped 3
sad eek will join us. >>> and huge match for d.c. united over the weekend, getting ready to take on one of the best teams in the world and we'll get the scoop for this game on sunday. >>> and their epic battle comes to an end. dave versus dave wraps up today as they fight it out to see who can be the best kick returner. >> they both start with one. we'll check o with them. but first we should check in on the forecast for those heading out there. this is the last day for training camp and will they see nice weather. >>> >>> they'll see plenty of sunshine. good morning, everybody. the current reasons reported here in the washington area, a comfortable 65 degrees. very nice out. relative humidity is 73%. a little bit of a breeze out of the northwest making it feel a ttle bit chilly. 5 mile-per-hour winds outf o rtthe hwhwt. ba .0ad30t 8.te 30.08. here is lokothokt ae urite t radaeg for orur . rion. there are clouds out to the west. iot a lot though. even if they pass through the ev ll be a period where you'll have some clouds but for the most part we'll see a lot of sunshine toda
best moves. >>> looking ahead to 7:00 now, a soul artist who used to be with the group tony, tony, tony is in town and we ill join us live in studio -- and he will join us live in studio this morning. fox 5 morning news is just getting started. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour in for gurvir. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> we'll say good morning to tony perkins this morning. it is quite a bit cooler than we had earlier this week. >> it is like fall. this will be short-lived. >> let's not rush changes too much. >> no, no, no, we'll have a nice day but summer returns for loo k tak a aook at the satellite-rar for our region. it t is quprettyiequiet. there are clouds out there to the west as tucker barnes was mentioning just a rthos time ago. our regional temperatures, awe quite cool start, 65 degrees here. 70 up in new york city and 70 in norfolk, virginia. pittsburgh at 56 degrees this hour. not a bad hostart to careorfo f sunshine. warmer than yesterday but belowe normal temperature. high about 85 degrees in the district. 86
of the american enterpre institute. >> one thing iran has done very well guably better than t u.s. isit hasad ry strong ties to each o e politicalarties. it has, u will finthe leaders of all the parties have visited iran. somef them have housesin tehr. there is a lot of linksith the kurds, with obviously with the shiites, the iranians, most of them shiites and with the suns. so iran is aonstant factor and in communicatn and very much on top ofwhat is going on in iraq. wi they influencet' it disproportionatelys what we can quite tell yet. >> in iraq after many long years of casualts and difficulties, there has been some success. and i think it'sthe goal now ought to be to consolidatthat succeed ses and also to use what leverage we haveo try to influence polical developments in the rit way and that involves arab issue but alsonvolves weighi in if we think there are abuses onthe part of t iraqi government and there is some concern tha it might be ving in a littleit of a authoritarian direction. >> i think the rolwe play is a role continng to encourage iqis not to use olence, using that term with a
. this is not a debate it's a civil war and the other people are using bullets and bombs. i think o'reilly is a fascist and he would fit right in in nazi germany as far as i'm concerned." all that and more now on "countdown." >>> good evening from new york. health care reform smear campaign gradually reveals itself to no longer have anything to do with health care reform. the fifth story in the show, lawmakers and tea party protesters kwardenated revealing the fear soaked seems to have far more to do with anger over who won the last presidential election than it does with who does and does not have health care insurance. mr. obama meeting with a bipartisan group of six senators from the finance committee about the health care bill that appears to be stuck in their limited negotiations. after the meeting democrat max baucus say the they described the only bill republicans won't come aboard. "if republicans aren't there, it could get to the point where sometime after the recess democrats have to go in another direction. i hope now, but we have to fate facts." after he said that, we tempted to card him. i
market. they are driving the turn towards economic recovery. let us give them c. as for today's job market reports, this came in at minus 247,000 jobs there. was a 43,000 improved revision from the prior two months but the whole total beat the street consensus of $300,0300,000 loss. is it possible cash for clunkers is helping with manufacturing hours? we may see the first positive production report out in a couple days, this july, be the first positive one since last october. but in truth there, are negatives, i want to be balanced. the labor force is still shrinking, that is not good. jobs are still dropping, that is not good. i don't think today's 9.4% unemployment rate is going to hold as the peak. former labor secretary robert reich and last night's bullish jobs man joe lavorgne will hash all this out in a little while. let me again underscore my take on the new bull market and the turning point towards economic rebound. these are transformational issues that are changing the investment and business landscape. as for investors out there, you have earned a wee bit of optimism aft
, and if congress creates government-run health insurance, should lawmakers have to use it? we report. you decide. all that, plus the fox all-stars. "special report" starts now. cheer clear chris: welcome to washington. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. the obama administration's cash for clunkers program is looking for a $2 billion refill. the senate is expected to vote before it goes on august recess whether to approve more money for rebates that have encouraged tens of thousands of people to trade in their own gas guzzlers for new more fuel efficient cars. white house correspondent wendell goler is live with an update. good evening, wendell. >> chris, this legislation passed by a 3-1 margin in the house an harry reid is confident he has the votes to pass it in the senate but lawmakers are spending hours debating amendments they know will be rejected just to get their objections on the record before they go home for the august break. as of yesterday, the clunkers program had burned through three-quarters of the billion dollars congress initially appropriated, suggesting the original $4 billi
your calls on these topics, 1-877-tell-hln. e-mail us at or text us, start the message with the word prime. it's your chance to be heard. -- captions by vitac -- >>> welcome. this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. a revealing report just released in the casey anthony case. would you know, her phone records show a year ago, no calls, no texts to a zenaida gonzalez, the alleged babysitter that she accused of taking little caylee. plus this bombshell found among the more than 1,000 pages of documents. investigators did not find blood in the trunk of casey's car. but what about the evidence of human decomposition that turned up. and the vaporized chloroform. we love hearing from you. we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln. joining us to talk about it, steve rogers, detective lieutenant for the nutley new jersey police department. also former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force. also joining us, attorney ann bremner, mike eiglarsh, and back with us again in orlando, reporter marva. marva's been on this since day one. marva, give us the lay
the heat of the ongoing recession. president obama says the worst of it may, repeat, may, be behind us. >> we have a steep mountain to climb, and we started in a very deep valley. but i have faith in the american people, in their capacity for hard work, and innovation and their commitment to one another and their courage to face adversity. >> we're going to go inside the new unemployment numbers with cnn's chief business correspondent ali velshi and find out who's faring best, who's faring worst. but first our senior white house correspondent, ed henry. what else is the president saying about the new numbers? >> wolf, the president was certainly not popping any champagne corks in the rose garden today, but he was toasting his own administration's achievements. even though there are a lot of people still not celebrating. >> reporter: the upbeat jobs report is little comfort to greg thompson, who just feels fortunate the unemployment benefits he collects at the one-stop career center in washington, d.c., were recently extended. >> for me, i'm just glad we did, but there's no jobs. i mean
of springfield. our next camera takes us to 270 at democracy boulevard. now to the news desk. >> thank you. >>> we are a few hours away from a report to be released on last week's fire in northwest. >> neighbors are worried because of low water pressure made a bad fire worse. pamela brown is live with more. >> when firefighters arrived on july 29 and hooked up to the fire hydrants, there was a big drop in water pressure and at one. the water ran dry. they had to go five blocks to get water. the fire on july 29 swept through the home of peggy cooper cafritz has left neighbors with a lot of what ifs. fire officials point to a lack of water pressure as their reason for taking nearly two hours to battle the flames. if they did not waste time bringing water in, could the home have been salvaged? >> it is a definite concern. >> neighbors say a lack of water pressure has been a problem. it is common in higher elevations. they will work closely to figure out what happened. >> we have people testing the system right now. we are in investigation mode. >> this has been a concern for the past couple o
tried to stop hib. >>> police are telling us she have nabbed the man accused of robbing a woman at the mall. 24-year-old joshua stone is charged with robbing the woman in the parking lot at knife point. stone apparently took the purse and drove off in a pickup truck. >>> abc 2 news is working for you right now trying to keep you safe in your own backyard. brian keebler shows us now in this week's crime checker. brian? >> reporter: abc 2 is working to keep your community safe. each week, we're highlighting the most dangerous criminals in your neighborhood hoping to bring them to justice. this week, we're focused on two crimes. anne arundel county police say this man broke into the garage door in this sun know coe in odenton and seriously damaged the building. he he has a tattoo on his right forearm. if you see him, call crimestoppers. they are offering a reward. >>> officers are trying to find kevin jefferson. police say he shot and killed another teen on july 13th. police say he's armed and dangerous. if you've seen him, call them right away. >>> you can see more of our repor
correspondent chuck todd will join us. but right up front, susan page, washington bureau chief for "usa today." you write the big stories for the people. thank you for joining us on television. you should be on television. the "usa today" is right there on every hotel doorstep. >> you can buy it at newsstands. >> i know, too. you always sell here. let me ask you what do you make of the president's optimistic tone? let's watch the president today around 1:00 in the afternoon east coast time talking up the economy for the first time in a while. >> we're pointed in the right direction. we're losing jobs at less than half the rate we were when i took office. we've pulled the financial system back from the brink and a rising market is restoring value to those 401(k)s that are the foundation of a secure retirement. >> susan, i guess he's getting to the heart of what people are worried about. somebody once said to me a while ago what his opposition will be offering in the next election next year is we'll give it to you back. whatever you lost in the stock market the last couple years, whatever you l
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